Weekly Ink: Got Tattooed With Green Day

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Vital Statistics: Christy Colcord, video store co-owner.

hauntedhousetattoos 050.jpg

Spotted: At her store, Lost Weekend, on Valencia in the Mission.

Tattoo: The logo for a music venue she really dug in northern Holland.

When/Where: "I got it in 1990. I was living in London at the time, booking European tours for American bands. I had booked Green Day's first European tour, and we were in Amsterdam. They wanted to get tattoos."

Incidentally, this was four years before Dookie would make Green Day a near-ubiquitous band. At the time, they were decidedly up-and-comers.

And Green Day got?:

"Billie got Baby Huey, the little baby that smokes a cigar [Ed.: Baby Huey was the gigantic duckling chick; Colcord may be thinking of Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit]; Mike got ... I don't remember what Mike got."

Regrets?: Nope. "I'm glad I did it, because it's a symbol of a really important segment of my life. I was over there for seven or eight years.

Sometimes you get dressed up all fancy, and you have this old punk tattoo, and it's kinda weird. But then you're like, that was awesome. It was totally worth it. No regrets."  

Any funny stories about Green Day?: "Not that I want to talk about."

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