Update: Sacto Mayor Johnson Declined to File Police Report Following S.F. Theft Because He'd Rather Place a Call to Gavin Newsom

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Update: Looks like KJ made the right call -- a pair of "Good Samaritans" found and returned his garment bag and everything that was within it.

Earlier today we reported that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who claims he was robbed over the weekend near Union Square, had declined to file a police report, even when the San Francisco Police Department phoned him directly and asked him if he wished to do so.

We wondered what was up -- and Johnson's spokesman, Joaquin McPeek said he didn't know either.

This morning, McPeek got back to us with an answer. Well, sort of.

"Mayor Johnson said he wanted to go to Mayor Newsom directly on this one," said the spokesman. "He thought he'd give him a call. It's somewhat tongue-in-cheek."

McPeek added that this isn't meant to be a swipe at Newsom or the SFPD. As for Johnson's real rationale, McPeek had no idea -- so we'll have to speculate.

Here's our guess: Johnson is a busy, big-city mayor and a former NBA star point guard who banked nearly $32 million in his basketball career, not including endorsement money. We're figuring he's written off the "nice suit, nice pair of shoes, and overnight toiletries" filched when Johnson purportedly set down his garment bag to assist an elderly man into a taxi.

McPeek adds he thinks the purloined suit was black -- so if you see a 6-foot-1 man wearing a black suit, call Gavin Newsom immediately.

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