The Conspiracy Laid Bare: Who's Muscling Up On The Guardian?

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Last week, we ever-so-slightly spat out some of our coffee when we noticed an interconnected conspiracy theory chart a la Lyndon LaRouche in our rival publication, the Bay Guardian. The graphic purported to reveal the vast cabal squelching progressive thought and action worldwide -- and it certainly does reveal something.  

While it's far from zany to point out that wealthy conservatives have many fishing poles in many ponds, once you start interconnecting "The Rothschilds," "British newspapers," "Richard Nixon," and "Spain" in some grand plot -- the cheese has neatly slipped off your cracker.

And yet, it gets worse. Not only is the Guardian convinced there's a worldwide conspiracy to strangle progressive thought -- there's also an international plot to undermine the Guardian! Atop this article is the flow chart prepared by Guardian higher-ups outlining the myriad forces in league against this thing of theirs -- which we obtained by slipping an old Muni pass and a signed glossy of Tom Wopat to one of the paper's unpaid interns.

Click on the image for a truly gargantuan version. And the truth will be revealed.


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