The 1996 Version of Giants' Ballpark Doesn't Quite Resemble the Real Thing

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Click on the ballpark for a massive version
This 1996 giveaway T-shirt picturing the future home of the San Francisco Giants, which a colleague wore to the office the other day, is certainly a head-turner. I snapped the above high-resolution photo because it's unseemly to stare for prolonged periods of time at a co-worker's chest. But it really is worth the look -- unseemliness or no.

This rendering is unmistakably that of Pac Bell Park even at a nanosecond's notice -- yet, virtually every key detail was altered by the time the stadium became a reality four years later in year 2000. Funny how it has the essence of the future ballpark and little else.

Here's a short list of the differences between pen-and-paper and brick-and-mortar we can spot right off the bat:
  • The stadium's "bell tower" is on the other side, by the left field foul pole, not home plate;
  • The open space now featuring the Willie Mays sculpture is nowhere to be seen;
  • Where are the palm trees?
  • You see any tracks for the N- and T-Lines to roll down the street?
  • That scoreboard beyond the right field fence would have blocked serene views of the water. Good thing it doesn't exist;
  • All of left- and center field are aligned differently -- and there's no massive scoreboard here;
  • What exactly is going on along Third Street here? It looks like there's a massive enclosed area without much going on;
  • Obviously, no mitt and Coke bottle;
  • Where's Barry's oversized head?
If there's anything I've missed -- and I surely have -- please make a note of it. And while this stadium would have been perfectly acceptable (and an unmeasurable upgrade over The 'Stick), I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

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