Supe Candidate Who Earlier Proposed Kickoff/Withdrawal Event Now Says He's In It To Win It

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Police Chief George Gascon (left) dropped by District 6 Supe candidate David Villa-Lobos' campaign kickoff last night
District 6 Supervisorial candidate David Villa-Lobos thought we were giving him a hard time when we described him as "mercurial" last week. That wasn't our intention. But, really, how much more mercurial can you get than when you announce a fete at which you may be officially kicking off your campaign or may be withdrawing altogether?

On this matter, it seems, Villa-Lobos is mercurial no more. He told SF Weekly that his earlier overtures to potential D6 candidate Theresa Sparks that he would drop out if she ran are kaput.

"Yes, that ship has passed," said Villa-Lobos. "I'm in the race to the finish."

Since Sparks has been seen making the political rounds with Jason Chan, Mayor Gavin Newsom's appointments secretary, some have speculated that the head of the Human Rights Comission and former Police Commission president might be the mayor's preferred choice for D6 supe. Villa-Lobos, known previously for his near-absolute loyalty to Newsom, seems to have soured on both the mayor and Sparks.

"Gavin is using Theresa, and Theresa is using Gavin, neither of them have ever supported each other in the past," he says. "It's clear to me now, and perhaps I've been in denial, but Gavin has absolutely zero loyalty to folks who have been loyal to him. My vote for Governor may end-up going to Jerry Brown."

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