Do Anti-Climate Change Protesters Favor Filling The Bay With Garbage?

Over the weekend, hundreds of San Franciscans flocked to Justin Herman Plaza to join protesters in 181 countries urging United Nations negotiators to push for greenhouse gas reductions.

Around 100 cyclists donned snorkels and other water-themed costumes to show that a warming, rising sea would inundate downtown.

Protest coordinator Chris Carlsson explained which parts of downtown the bicyclists would traverse during their 15-minute ride. Along Market Street, through the Financial District, back along the Embarcadero to Justin Herman Plaza.

Hold on a second. Did he just say "bay-fill"? Starting in the 1800s, San Francisco filled up inlets, wetlands, and anywhere else garbage and rubble might go. The Marina, South of Market, and downtown San Francisco were all built atop bay-filling garbage.

The SF Weekly Snitch I-Team -- that'd be me -- sent our Mobile Camera Module to the Day of Protest to seek answers to the question: Are you anti-global warming, or pro-bay-fill?

One festively dressed respondent observed that, since many corporations have offices downtown, an inundation would have the felicitous effect of harming big business.

A protester speaking from the perspective of a jellyfish suggested both the pro-bay-fill and anti-global-warming positions could live in harmony:

Another sea-life spokeswoman suggested the question wasn't fair.

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