Sacramento Mayor, Robbed in San Francisco, Didn't Fill Out Police Report

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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson
Yesterday we reported that Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former Cal and NBA basketball star, claimed he'd been robbed on a weekend trip to San Francisco. Johnson wrote on his blog that, when he momentarily placed his garment bag on the ground to help an elderly man into a taxi, an unknown thief made off with the mayor's stuff.

The San Francisco Police Department, however, learned about the incident via news reports. Johnson did not file a report following the theft of his bag -- which contained "A nice suit, a nice pair of shoes and overnight toiletries." Incidentally, while a number of Web commentators have cracked wise about the uselessness of filching clothes belonging to a basketball player, Johnson stands 6-foot-1 and weighed 180 pounds during his playing days. Shawn Bradley he ain't.

Police Spokesman Sergeant Wilfred Williams confirmed that Johnson has not bothered to file a report concerning the theft. Johnson spokesman Joaquin McPeek told SF Weekly that the SFPD has extended an invitation to the Sacramento mayor to do so after the fact, but Johnson has not yet taken the cops up on their offer.

When asked why not, McPeek admitted he did not know. He said he'd ask Johnson -- and when he has an answer, so will we.
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