Sex Toy Workers Say San Francisco Company Screwed Them

Yes, we've got an honest-to-goodness lawsuit involving the dildo factory down the block -- and, no, it doesn't involve anyone getting crushed, mangled, impaled, asphyxiated or any other vaguely sexual manner of industrial accident.

Rather, a quintet of former workers at San Francisco's Vixen Creations on Monday filed suit in the city's Superior Court claiming they were stiffed ... on overtime pay.

The disgruntled five's workaday routine wasn't so titillating; the suit quotes their duties as "mixing silicone, pouring the silicone into molds, pulling the finalized products out of the molds, and making new molds for the products" -- a job that paid between $10 and $13 an hour. Of course, the products they were hauling in and out of the molds included "The Bandit," "The Outlaw," and, of course, "The Goodfella" ("As close to a real cock as possible").

The workers say they often spent well over eight hours a day shlepping Bandits and Goodfellas and whatnot in the company's San Francisco factory -- but they claim that when they glanced at their paychecks, they'd been given the shaft.

"If Plaintiffs ... worked more than eight hours in a day, but not more than a total of forty in a week, they were not paid overtime," claims the suit. "Therefore, Defendant willfully violated California law..."

So there you go. The plaintiffs want the money they say they're due. And, no, there's nothing in there about being willing to accept dildos in lieu of payment.

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