Seen In San Francisco: Just In Case You Were Wondering, Here's What a Water Main Looks Like Before it Breaks

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Joe Eskenazi
You don't see that every day
After being traumatized by Trauma, the Lower Haight has been torn to shreds by the Water System Improvement Program. SF Weekly previously noted that this operation involved a pair of giant pipes sheathed in what looked suspiciously like mega-condoms

Today we stumbled across the above (almost literally; it looks like Coventry after The Blitz on Steiner and Haight). When we asked the crew reducing the street to rubble -- but, sadly, not operating heavy machinery while eating oatmeal, as before -- they replied that this was a water main.

A water main is something you never hear about while it's up and running, the same way you rarely read news stories about jumbo jets safely landing at the airport. If you were to run an online image search for a water main, the results look a bit like Old Faithful's vacation to the city.

In fact, you may never see a shinier water main than the above. The crew testified that they'd just installed in in the wee hours this morning.

Good luck, inanimate object. You'll never again be so clean. And may we never hear a peep of you again.

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