President Didn't Show For President's Cup -- But Code Pink Did

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Courtesy Code Pink
What did you do to promote world peace today, Tiger?
San Franciscans heading to the southwest of the city for the weekend's President's Cup golf tournament may not have been 100 percent certain if the president -- and those who'd like to tell him a thing or two -- would be heading out to the links.

Well, President Obama did not show. But Code Pink -- which earlier told SF Weekly to be "on the lookout on Sunday" -- did indeed head out to Harding Park. The anti-war activists did not last through all 18 holes, however.

After letting the golfers and fans know that the President's Cup's namesake ought to "further economic stability and justice" and bring about peace via "economic support, diplomacy and justice" in Iraq and Afghanistan, activists Rae Abileah and Nancy Mancias were handcuffed and led out by the San Francisco Police Department, and cited for the disruption (this is what happens when you raise your voice at a golf course, apparently). 

And while Tiger Woods -- that's him above -- helped bring about an American victory over crack international forces, he did nothing to resolve the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Damn him!  

In other news, relayed an entertaining anecdote about Mayor Gavin Newsom wandering about in Woods' gallery when a shorter golf fan shouted "Hey Gavin, I'm a registered independent and you're blocking my view."

He got out of her way.

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