Porn Queen, NYU Grad Student Lorelei Lee Proves S.F. State Is No Loser School

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Rick Hall
Lorelei Lee, left, seen here with fellow porn star Bobbi Starr, has put her San Francisco State undergrad degree to good use already
In 1995, San Francisco State professor Geoffrey Marcy, and his student, Paul Butler, created an ingenious optical device allowing them to detect evidence of planets outside our solar system. Since then, the team have discovered more than half the extra-solar planets known to man.

On Monday New York Daily News scribes Kerry Burke and Rich Schapiro, wrote a story about first-year New York University grad student Lorelei Lee, who is simultaneously pursuing a career as a serious writer, and holding down a 10-year career a as journeywoman porn star.

Marcy, Butler, and Lee share in common an affiliation with a school many erroneously perceive as one of the lesser members of the second-tier California State university system. San Francisco State University's lackluster reputation is further damaged by the fact the school never got around to changing its name to California State University at San Francisco, in the style of the rest of the system's schools. The oversight suggesting laziness, ignorance, boorishness, or a combination of the three. Additionally, the school once employed this writer to teach in its journalism department, further diluting SFSU's distinction.

Successful graduates such as Marcy, Butler, and Lee, however, appear poised to change popular perceptions.

According to the Daily News article, Lee graduated from S.F. State in 2008, and decided to pursue a master's degree in creative writing upon the advice of her professors.

The article notes, "The busty blond has been working in porn and juggling life as a student for nearly 10 years. "It's not weird anymore," said Lee, a first-year student pursuing a master's in fine arts. "I've just been doing this for so long."

Still, the Buffalo native doesn't spend much time with classmates."She fears even a question as simple as, 'How was your weekend,' could lead to some hairy conversations."

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