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Justin Page
Stay classy, San Francisco
Witness intimidation! Religious and sexual harassment! Bacteria-infested sandwiches! If that's the week it was, we're extra glad it's Friday. Also, time for a quiz:

1. Which of the following epithets did Assemblyman Tom Ammiano shout when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sauntered into a Democratic event in San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel?

A. "I wish it was a tumor!"
B. "Out, Nazi! Achtung!
C. "Kiss my gay ass!"
D. "Shit! He is back!"

2. Seven men -- and, later, an eighth -- were arrested this week for a bizarre incident in Superior Court involving "witness intimidation." What the hell happened?

A. Letters on the men's shirts spelled out K-I-L-L Y-O-U-! (the man wearing the exclamation point wasn't arrested until later as he was only considered an accessory)
B. The group wouldn't stop making vicious animal noises during testimony
C. The men stood simultaneously and bared their teeth at the witness
D. The group surrounded the witness' car in the parking lot prior to the hearing

3. After inking a contract essentially the same as one he could have gotten in July before an acrimonious holdout, 49ers rookie receiver Michael Crabtree described the past few months as:

A. "A complete fucking waste of my fucking time. And you can print that."
B. "Not so bad. I walked my parents' dogs. Talked on the phone a lot. It was all right."
C. "Mistakes were made. That's all I'm saying."
D. "It was a very humbling experience."
Free Diego! Free Diego! Free Diego!
4. This morning, a host of San Francisco elected officials and religious officials are holding a rally urging Attorney General Jerry Brown to drop charges against the only member of the so-called "San Francisco 8" still on the hook for the 1970 murder of Sergeant John Young. Three of these men are Argentine soccer players and one is the accused killer. Find the alleged murderer.

A. Francisco Torres
B. Mariano Andujar
C. Fernando Gago
D. Lionel Messi

5. San Francisco State biology professor Dennis Desjardin just named a glowing mushroom species after Mozart's requiem. Very cool. Less cool: He named a mushroom species resembling a minuscule penis after:

A. Himself
B. The president of S.F. State
C. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
D. A fellow scientist and friend  
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