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Happier times. Faster, too.
Bridge! Bridge! More Bridge! Troubled bridge over water! Didja hear about the bridge? Sigh. Take a news quiz.

1. The city of San Francisco agreed to cough up $250,000 regarding a lawsuit stemming from a 2005 spill in which perhaps 54,000 gallons of what was leaked into the ground, sewers, and Bay?

A. Sewage
B. Pesticide
C. Chlorine
D. Gasoline

2. A math professor told SF Weekly that the odds of the letters I F-U-C-K Y-O-U randomly appearing at the start of seven lines in a letter -- which happened in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's missive rejecting a Tom Ammiano bill -- are roughly:

A. One in 100 million
B. One in 2 billion
C. One in 6.02 x10 to the 23rd power
D. Not calculable

3. What other aging Bay Area bridge also had issues with failing eyebars in the 1970s?

A. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
B. Golden Gate Bridge
C. Carquinez Bridge
D. Dumbarton Bridge

Bummed over $1,200

4. What San Francisco party threw a farewell bash for the headquarters it could no longer spare $1,200 a month to rent?

A. Libertarian Party
B. Green Party
C. Bay Area Whig Party
D. Monster Truck Party

5. City Attorney Dennis Herrera banged out a tartly worded legal letter demanding what cereal back up its claim to boost kids' immune systems?

A. Cocoa Krispies
B. Kix
C. Count Chocula
D. Special K

6. When the San Francisco Chronicle recorded a precipitous 26 percent decline in its circulation between April and September, the paper's president responded by saying what?

A. "It's not my fault." 
B. "We are pretty pleased."
C. "It could be worse."
D. "Herb Caen is not coming through that door."

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