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It's the law...
Cops! Compost! Conspiracies! Killers! The Board of Supervisors has voted, 8-2, that we should have a quiz right now (Michela Alioto-Pier abstained -- but we won't hold it against her).

1. The San Francisco Police Department announced that DNA evidence could tie an unsolved 1984 murder to what infamous killer(s)?

A. The Zebra Killers
B. The Zodiac Killer
C. The Night Stalker
D. The Committee of Vigilance

2. True or False: Though the city's mandatory composting law went into effect on Wednesday, it's not possible for landlords or tenants in a multi-unit building to be fined until July of 2011 per the text of the law.

A. True
B. False

3. What group of anti-Zionist, far-left, Looney Tunes showed at the Muncipal Transportation Authority board meeting to claim that parking meters are an "assault" on the proletariat (but never once lifted a finger when MTA raised transit fares and cut service)?

A. Code Pink
B. Young Communist League USA
C. The Workers Vanguard
D. International ANSWER

How deep does this thing go?
4 and 5. The San Francisco Bay Guardian published an utterly jaw-dropping, interconnected, spiderweb conspiracy chart outlining just why progressive ideas are being squelched. Two of these entities were on the chart. Slip on your tinfoil hat and find 'em.

A. Satellite TV
B. The New York Yankees
C. Portugal
D. The 9/11 Commission
E. Justice Sam Alito
F. The Hearst family
G. British newspapers
H. L. Ron Hubbard
I. The United States Navy

6. The Board of Supervisors this week legislatively shat in Gavin Newsom's cap and passed the sanctuary city policy he specifically leaked a city attorney's memo to undermine. Right-wing outfits told SF Weekly they can't wait to sue the city. How did they put it?

A. "Ours or a lot of other law institutions ... would like to claim the glory of taking down San Francisco." 
B. "When American lives were in danger ... we will be the ones who stood up and fought."
C. "This is an abomination. We will wipe it off the face of the map."
D. "We'll cut the balls off that legislation and take them back to Phoenix."

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