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How much was that parking meter in the window...
​Big rigs! Bridges! Barack! Brobdingnagian amounts of rain! And now: Quiz!

1. How did the San Francisco Police Department describe a man who fell -- and was allegedly pushed -- out of a fifth-story window in the wee hours on Thursday?

A. "Unpopular"
B. "Lucky"
C. "Despondent"
D. "Dead"

2. The Municipal Transportation Agency's plan to extend city parking meter hours calls for:

A. Meter enforcement until 9 p.m. in some zones
B. Meter enforcement until midnight in some zones
C. Universal Sunday meter enforcement
D. All of these

3. San Francisco's planned Nude Olympics didn't come off this year. Why not?

A. Permitting mess regarding public nudity
B. Threats from reactionary Christian organizations
C. Too darn cold
D. Torrential downpour

Here comes a different kind of gift basket
​4 and 5. Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's garment bag, purloined near Union Square, was improbably discovered intact and returned to him this week. Also sent to the former NBA star was a lavish gift basket, courtesy of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and local businesses. Five of these items are fake. Two are real. Find the authentic gifts.

A. The Idiot's Guide To Avoiding Big-City Crime
B. Jeans from the Gap
C. Niners tickets
D. Rice-a-Roni
E. Anchor Steam beer
F. Distillery 209 gin
G. Cutlery from Williams-Sonoma

6. The Wednesday big rig crash on the Bay Bridge got the headlines. But what other Bay Area bridge played host to a flipped rig just one day earlier?

A. The Dumbarton Bridge
B. The Carquinez Bridge
C. The Richmond Bridge
D. The Antioch Bridge

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