Huzzah: September's Unemployment Statistics are Here

Stop the presses!!! Do not click 'save' on that blog entry!!! Drop everything you are doing RIGHT NOW (fact: The kids will still be at school, they don't die if you're late) and listen up. The Employment Development Department has issued September's unemployment statistics.

When last we visited them, the San Francisco metro area's unemployment rate was hovering around the nine-point-sumthin' range, and IT STILL IS. In August, 9.6 percent of you San Francisco/Redwood City/San Mateo dwellers were sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs, and swearing that you were going to get a volunteer job or something. In September, it was only 9.2 percent. Good for you, 0.4 percent that no longer lives in fear!

Maybe some of you now work in the schools, which are back in session, and gained 5,100 jobs locally. Maybe you are telling those ungrateful brats horror stories about the recession right now. If you're not, you should. Kids love horror stories. Scare your children -- it's for their own good.

Sadly, between the months of August and September, business and professional services lost 1,000 jobs. Business feels like this.

The entire state of California had to get all crazy and surpass the San Francisco/San Mateo/Redwood City Metropolitan Division with an unemployment rate of 12 percent. No one likes a showoff.

Read all the scintillating details here.
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