Frankenstein's Van/Truck Rolls Through San Francisco -- Was This Once Kenny Rogers' Ride?

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Joe Eskenazi
It's a van...

San Francisco is a city where an art car apparently designed by H.R. Giger can roll by and no one bothers to look away from Navy jet planes roaring between the skyscrapers. And yet, the vehicle pictured here threw us for a loop.

From the front, as you can see, it's 100 percent van of the 1970s vintage favored by The A-Team, Scooby-Doo, and kidnappers. But from the back -- huh. It's a truck!

Joe Eskenazi
No, it's a truck...

What the hell is going on here? What's more, if you peer through the refrigerator-sized, tinted-glass door, there was a couch-like seat, complete with a blanket tossed on top of it. Did this vehicle go through a device not unlike the one Jeff Goldblum rigged up in The Fly?

Attempts to reach the owner of this amazing car truck van thing were unsuccessful. But a little Web sleuthing placed this unique set of wheels in New Jersey in 2005. But how the hell did it get out here?

Joe Eskenazi
It's ... what is that thing?

Peering at the description of this 1978 van/truck hybrid an the Car Domain Web site, user "Custom72" explains the origin of the vehicle (and we'd question our sanity if the vehicle on that site isn't the same one photographed above in San Francisco): "It was built as a tow vehicle for a large 5th wheel horse trailer. Both sides of the beds hold water tanks that I plan to convert to fuel tanks. There was a pump and a heater installed in the bed rails also."

By the way, there's a reason Custom72 -- who didn't return our e-mails -- needed to create extra fuel tanks. When towing, the vehicle gets a whopping four miles per gallon. Somehow, however, that car got all the way out here; whether it's still owned by the man who posted these shots of it in his rural New Jersey home is unknown, however.

Also unknown is the veracity of Custom72's story that this vehicle was, at one time, owned by Kenny Rogers.

Still, one look at this thing and you know how Rogers could pen the tune "I just checked in to see what condition my condition was in."

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