Frank Chu: Hardest Working Proselytizer in Show Business Recruits Bluegrass Fans

​Warren Hellman may have fancied himself opening up America's hearts to music with his bigger-than-ever, three-day Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. He also helped famed San Francisco eccentric Frank Chu open city visitors' minds to opaque theories about an alleged intergalactic political conspiracy.

Chu is a San Francisco character famed for daily Market Street protests in which he carries a black sign printed with brightly-colored letters forming unusual words and syntax. At this past weekend's bluegrass festival, which reportedly entertained an audience nearly as large as San Francisco's entire population, he carried a new, baffling sign, and politely chatted with curious music fans.

Presumably, concertgoers returned to their homes in Oregon and Utah rejuvenated by a weekend of music, and ready to tackle Chu-identified problems such as Tedford, Cesfroillions of Populations, NBC: Busibowreniel Netsites, Seascape Legacies, and Istrodrenikal.

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