Few Show For California Redwoods' Football Opener -- But Fans Still Manage to Have Fun (Legally and Illegally)

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Jim Herd
Kicker Parker Douglass' buddies are large and in charge
Along those lines, an alarming proportion of the fans I chatted with before, during, and after the game were there to root on their brothers, cousins, friends, and roommates' friends on the field of play (an utterly adorable little girl held aloft a sign reading "Go Daddy No. 86"). When the public address announcer noted that the Redwoods' opening kickoff was forthcoming from South Dakota State alum Parker Douglass, the wild cheers of Douglass' six charmingly inebriated childhood friends echoed throughout the stadium. Another fan, noticing my press pass, inquired "You going to write about my nephew?" Sure thing, mister: That guy's nephew is Cory Ross, the Redwoods' starting tailback and a 5-foot-6, 200-pound wall of a man. He racked up 121rushing yards, scored a touchdown, and impressed even those unrelated to him via blood or marriage.

Cory Ross.jpg
Jim Herd
Cory Ross -- that guy's nephew -- registered an impressive all-around game
Anyhow, if you're pondering buying a ticket to the Redwoods' next home contest on Nov. 14, consider the following:

  • To the team's credit, it did not attempt to saturate the fans with entertainment. A couple of ladies tossed some t-shirts into the stands at one point but there was no dot-racing or loud invocations to do the chicken dance, cheer, wave around your credit card or any of the other idiocy that has insinuated itself into professional and college sports. Two pee-wee football teams provided the halftime entertainment. It was refreshing.
Jim Herd
There were no cheerleaders. But there was Pee-Wee football at halftime.
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