Fail Whale, San Francisco Style: How Else Can You Encapsulate City-Centric Inadequacy?

N-Judah Chronicles/Lauren Oliver -- Used with Permission
The N is Near

UPDATE: Winner of our San Francisco-centric Fail-Object Contest gets tickets to this weekend's Mill Valley Film Festival. Get Crackin'!

We'll admit it -- we approach Twitter and the like with the apprehension of a troglodyte suddenly confronted with a Norelco electric razor. Sure, there could be a use for this thing -- but we're busy painting antelope on the walls. And that's a marketable skill!

Still, even we were enthralled with the above San Francisco-centric "Fail Whale" takeoff. It's the "N-Judah Fail!" logo, created for the quality local blog N-Judah Chronicles by designer Lauren Oliver. As a daily rider of the Fightin' N, we can attest that a flock of birdies would be most welcome on many occasions.

Incidentally, if you're looking for an explanation of what the Fail Whale is, you're asking the wrong guy. To the best of our knowledge, it's the cute image that comes up when Twitter is overloaded. It is much more appealing than the Blue Screen of Death.

Anyhow, this is hardly the only local version of the now ubiquitous Fail Whale. When you hear the term "Whale Rider," don't think of an adorable New Zealand Maori girl. Think of the erstwhile mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom!

Thumbnail image for sfc-newsom1024x768-thumb-500x375.jpg
Audrey Fukuman
By the way, jokes about what Newsom's doing with the whale's blow hole reflect your own perversions, not the mayor's.

Anyhow, there's plenty more failure to go around in this city than the N-Judah and City Hall. So we're opening it up to you, our creative readers. Send us your San Francisco-centric "Fail" images along the lines of the two posted here.

You can upload them to our Flickr group, direct mail them to us at, or e-mail them to me. We're making this easy for you.

Send us lots of pictures, San Francisco. How can we fail?
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