Does The New York Times Realize Fullerton Is Not In Bay Area? They Say They Do.

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The commute to San Francisco is even worse than Fairfield's
Those of you who still read news -- God bless you -- here in San Francisco may be aware that the venerable New York Times has beefed up its local coverage with a Bay Area section. The Grey Lady has also inaugurated a local blog; since our job is to scour and report on local news, we'd be fools not to read it.

Well, there has been some good reading to be had. I was particularly fond of a blog entry in which scholars parsed the legality of Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors' dueling approaches to city sanctuary policies. But we must admit we were befuddled by Thursday's Bay Area roundup. Beneath the header "The Bay Area: 9 Counties, 8 Bridges, 7 million people" was a link to a story about -- Fullerton?  

While the Bay Area's boundaries stretch a long way, Fullerton is pushing it. That city -- home of the largest liquor store I've ever visited; it was like a football field -- is a scant 408-mile, six hour and 21 minute drive south. It's not in the Bay Area. But Bay Area section editor Felicity Barringer says she and her staff are well aware of this.

"This is supposed to be stuff Bay Area readers would be interested in," explained the editor -- who is pictured along with her staff in biography photos taken in front of recognizable San Francisco landmarks. "Articles about same-sex marriage in Maine -- we'd link to that, too. This is a work in progress."

Fair enough. Incidentally, the Times' Bay Area blog also linked to a Times story about the Southern California New Age guru whose sweat lodge ritual in Sedona, Ariz. went horribly wrong and killed several people. This is deemed as relevant to Bay Area readers because some folks do sweat lodge rituals in Marin. That seems incredibly weak; what new-agey rituals don't they do in Marin?

On the other hand, the story is interesting, and I'm glad the Times blog directed me to it. So there's that.

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