Bay Links: Bike Saddles, Meryl Streep & Tequila

via BoingBoing
Bike saddles almost too nice to sit on. [BoingBoing]

Senator Barbara Boxer has a piggy bank worth $6.3 million cash. [SFGate]

Frank Chu hits up the Sanctuary City meeting. He. Is. Everywhere. [Sweet Melissa]

Holy crap. They're remaking Red Dawn!!! [Burrito Justice]

Ride along in an SFFD ambulance. And flip the bird. [Fecal Face]

In which Playboy assesses the quality of our tequila peddling establishments. [Grubstreet]

Want to watch Meryl Streep sing bad ABBA covers? OUTDOORS? [Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema]

The WaPo is having a contest to pick "America's Next Great Pundit." Good lord. [BayNewser
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