Ammiano: 'Kiss My Gay Ass' Commentary Didn't Bite Him in the Ass

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His ass is intact...
When Rep. Joe Wilson bellowed "You lie" at President Barack Obama, most folks thought it was pretty uncouth. Still, the ones who were impressed were really impressed: The South Carolina Congressman quickly saw his fund-raising efforts skyrocket.

So when Assemblyman Tom Ammiano bellowed "you lie" in mock-homage to Wilson at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and bolted out of a Democratic party event with the memorable exit line "Kiss my gay ass," we wondered if  those words had come back to bite him in the ass -- or the exact opposite. 

The answer: No. Or yes. Or ... let's just say Ammiano seems to have weathered the storm without anyone informing him they were giving him money as a result of his outburst or not giving him money.

"No, it never reached that extreme," confirmed Ammiano, who also said he had "no regrets" about his eye-opening behavior.

"It wasn't like I approached the governor" and said that, notes the assemblyman. "This was like Tommy Lasorda showing up at a Giants tribute dinner."

Expanding the object of his rancor from the governor to Willie Brown -- who invited Schwarzenegger to the Oct. 7 Democratic event, Ammiano concluded, "[Schwarzenegger] said he heard Willie Brown was in the building and wanted to stop by. Well, if they're dating go do it on your own time."

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