Weekend DUI Checkpoint Catches -- Wait for it -- Alleged Drunk Driver!

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No, that's not former Gov. Gray Davis
Yesterday we wrote about how a late August San Francisco DUI checkpoint didn't manage to snare a single alleged drunk driver -- but did result in 23 people having their cars towed away for various infractions.

Also, due to the checkpoint's official tally being forwarded around the San Francisco Police Department like an e-pinball, we didn't get the data until roughly a week later. We received a pleasant surprise yesterday when the police forwarded us a tally from the Aug. 29 DUI checkpoint -- before we even asked for it -- and, lo, they nabbed a potential inebriated motorist.

Here's the data for the Geary and Steiner affair:

Vehicles that went through the checkpoint: 2,345; 
Field sobriety tests administered: 25;
Preliminary alcohol screening tests administered: 3;
DUI arrests: 1;
Other criminal arrests: 0;
Impounded vehicles: 7 (four unlicensed drivers; two drivers with suspended or revoked licenses; one DUI arrest)


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