They Takin' My Mini-Plaza! Bay Bridge Authorities Really Planning Big Changes.

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The Bay Bridge is ready to undergo 'them changes'
So, by now you know that engineers are planning to give the Bay Bridge a makeover between Thursday and Tuesday, namely instituting an "S-curve" approaching the tunnel. The "Speed Limit 40" signs are already up, albeit with rags covering them until Sept. 8.

But that's not the only change we'll be seeing on the Bay Bridge. During its four-day sojourn, workers will paint it orange and up the toll to $6.

Just kidding. But they will do away with the "mini plaza" at the bridge's toll booth. Do you know what this is? It sure sounds luxurious. Don't you wish you got the chance to enjoy it while it was there? Wow, Joni Mitchell really was right: You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Actually, the "mini-plaza" is the 350-yard covered walkway on the right side of the toll area where your money is taken a bit later than everyone else's. Hmmm. Not so luxurious. But you're still missing it, no?

Well, if you're a FasTrak customer, you'll still get to drive in these lanes. And, by 2010, the Bay Area Toll Authority hopes the "plaza" will look like this.

We hope you'll appreciate this aesthetic splendor when backed up in the bridge's new "S-curve" and cursing  the world.

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