Tattoo Tuesday: Blood- and Ink-Soaked Photos of This Year's Tat Expo

All Photos | Daniel C. Britt, used with permission
That's the ticket: Angelica Olmos, 20, shows off the bodywork she got at the weekend's Tattoo Expo
​Blood. Tattoos. Parking Lot. Cow Palace. It's a combination that's been golden for decades, and when there's a massive Tattoo Expo at the stadium -- so much the better.

Photographer Daniel C. Britt hoped to document "some tat artists mopping up blood" on Sunday but was told that he was unwelcome within the hallowed halls of the Cow Palace if he insisted on taking pictures. Who would have thought tattoo people at a tattoo convention would suddenly turn camera shy?

So, once again, thank God for the parking lot. Britt caught event-goers on the way in and out who were more than willing to show off their ink -- and blood. Click below for the highlight show.

Chris Bryant's new tat inspires deep thoughts
Brass knuckles.jpg
If you thought 'Those look like brass knuckles on Joe Aguilar's face" -- you were right. I imagine one must fill out many liability forms and be made to walk a stright line before an artist agrees to do any work like this.
Jessice Fa'avae, 26, displays her tropical panorama

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