SF GOP Opposes Sanctuary Legislation in Letter-Writing Offensive

Supervisor David Campos
If an angry Republican writes a letter in San Francisco, and no elected official cares enough to read it, did it ever really exist?

San Francisco's local curiosity of a G.O.P. is currently seeking pen-pals in city government with a barrage of letters to Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors decrying Supervisor David Campos' legislation on the treatment of illegal immigrants suspected of crimes. The letters come less than a week after the S.F. G.O.P. passed a resolution opposing the same policy.

The Republican Party takes particular aim at Campos, writing to the District 9 supervisor, "We strongly suggest you put your Harvard Law degree to use to see how [the ordinance] is in clear violation of federal and state law, and pull it from consideration." The law in question would stipulate that local law-enforcement officials only report illegal immigrants to federal authorities after they have been convicted of a felony, instead of when they are first arrested.

The GOP sent letters to the rest of the supervisors and a special plea to Newsom, who has said he will veto the ordinance and authorized his staff to leak a City Attorney-penned memo to the press questioning the legislation's legality.

"As the sanctuary policy has directly resulted in allowing heinous crimes to be committed by individuals who should not have been on the streets during your tenure as Mayor, it is especially important for you to show your dedication to complying with federal and state immigration law," the letter to Newsom states.

While the opinions of the Republican super-minority aren't likely to sway action in a city with a history of one-party rule to rival Fidel Castro's Havana, you can't say the grumbling has gone completely ignored.

"I think the fact the Republican Party is against it speaks to the merits of my legislation," Campos told the San Francisco Chronicle last week. Maybe the G.O.P. needs to consider some reverse psychology to boost its influence at City Hall.

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