Public Defender Plugs Kamikaze-Mixing Skills For Tonight's Barroom Fund-Raiser

Adventurous drinkers should ask barkeep Chris Daly for 'The Jane Kim'
​We can't publicize every last political fund-raiser in this city. But when you've got elected public officials slinging alcohol and touting their drink-mixing prowess -- we'll belly up to that bar.

The League of Pissed-Off Voters tonight invades Elixir
; guest bartenders include Public Defender Jeff Adachi, School Board member Jane Kim; everyone's favorite progressive firebrand and Fairfield multiple homeowner Chris Daly (above); and local Web personality and author Broke-Ass Stuart (he was available).

When we quizzed Adachi about his specialty drink his answer was unambiguous: The Kamikaze. "Stolichnaya vodka, triple sec, and a touch of Rosie's lime juice, shaken not stirred, with a twist of lime. I devoted several years to perfecting my mix," he says. When queried if he'd ever tended bar professionally, Adachi answered in the negative: "No bar experience other than the fact I used to spend a lot of time in front of them."  

We're not sure if that's a reference to the Bar Association or a misbegotten past -- or both. By the way, the "Kamikaze" is a fitting signature drink for the man who crashed his plane into Mayor Gavin Newsom's plans and publicity apparatus.

Kim -- who will be pouring drinks late on a school night -- suggests patrons hit her up for a lychee martini, a Maker's on the rocks, or a Bloody Mary. (and, since Kim is on the school board, it warrants mentioning that while "Bloody Mary" was an epithet for England's Queen Mary I, the monarch apparently is not the namesake for the cocktail).   

Actually, if you really wish to test bartender Chris Daly -- a former professional drink-slinger -- ask him for the "Jane Kim." He created the "lychee martini-like" drink named in her honor at a party following Kim's swearing-in at the school board.

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