Power Exchange Sex Club Reopens in Tenderloin, Outraging Neighbors

Now available on Mason Street
There's a place in San Francisco where things get put when the well-to-do or well-organized residents of every other neighborhood in the city don't want it nearby. It's called the Tenderloin.

So it should come as no surprise that Power Exchange, the sex club that was hooted out of its previous location on Gough Street by a posse of neighbors who complained about rowdy behavior by club patrons, has reopened amidst soup kitchens and methadone clinics in the heart of the 'Loin.

Power Exchange reopened Friday night at 34 Mason Street, not far from the Powell Street BART station, according to the club's Web site. Neighborhood activist Dina Hilliard says Tenderloin residents haven't exactly welcomed the sex club.

"We had no idea it was coming in," Hilliard said. "It opened on Friday night, and the neighborhood is in an outrage. We've had plenty of problems with nightclubs here."

The most notorious problem club in the Tenderloin is Pink Diamonds, a strip club co-owned by Entertainment Commissioner Terrance Alan. Curiously, Power Exchange is opening at the address formerly occupied by Alan's now-defunct Blue Cube club. In a phone interview, Alan told SF Weekly that he no longer has any connection to the property.

Hilliard said she's "sure the neighborhood will organize" to express its displeasure at the presence of Power Exchange, but that she's not yet sure where to take complaints. A "first step," she said, may be to ask city agencies to look into whether the club has all its needed permits.

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hplovecraft topcommenter

It's very , very easy to put 'things like this' in the T/L , 'cause

many of the residents are more concerned about other things ,

like ICE , to really bother fretting over sex clubs , etc..

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