S.F. Neighbors' Spat Leads to Sleeping Man Being Doused in Boiling Cooking Oil

Categories: Crime
A San Francisco man experienced a wake-up call immeasurably more wretched than the standard bleating of an alarm clock over the weekend when his neighbor allegedly emptied a pan full of boiling cooking oil on him while he slept.

Police followed a trail of splattered oil down the hall from the scene of the crime and back to the SRO room of 50-year-old William Pious, who is accused of walking through the door of his rival neighbor and dousing him. The 44-year-old victim supposedly kept the door ajar because the night was so hot; after being splashed with perhaps several quarts of boiling oil he suffered third-degree burns over 30 percent of his body and remains in San Francisco General Hospital.

Police are not yet certain if Pious has a prior record. He was arrested in his room at a Sixth Street SRO hotel and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated mayhem. He remains in custody.

The only information available on what could have possibly motivated this alleged assault was an "ongoing dispute" between the two SRO neighbors.

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