Following Fatal Pedestrian Incident, TV Helicopter Rattles San Franciscans Out of Their Homes

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San Franciscans residing near Alamo Square wandered into the streets at around 7:15 a.m. this morning to gauge why the hell a dark helicopter was ominously hovering over Fell and Broderick and emitting a deafening noise that resembled the world's largest "grogger."

The folks craning their necks upward attempted to ask each other what the hell was going on over the din -- but nobody knew anything or could even hear what other people didn't know. So they made one of three guesses:

A. A psychopathic killer is on the loose;

B. There's a demonstration here, somewhere;

C. Trauma. This explains everything these days.

Our call to Police Spokeswoman Sergeant Lyn Tomioka, however, revealed it was none of the above. 

A woman was struck and killed this morning on Fell and Broderick at around 6:30 and Tomioka confirmed what your humble narrator thought he saw -- that was a Channel 7 helicopter (theirs is the blue one; the San Francisco Police Department, incidentally, does not have a helicopter, though the California Highway Patrol does).

When asked how low news helicopters are permitted to fly, Tomioka answered "pretty low." Sometimes, in fact, police order them to go higher as they interfere with SFPD communications.

That wasn't the case this time -- though the communications abilities of those on the ground wondering what the hell was going on were certainly impeded. Still, considering the fate of that star-crossed pedestrian, no one should complain too loudly. Not that anyone would hear you.  

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