Fare Cheats Beware: Muni Crackdown Continues

Four friendly fare inspectors
Today at the intersection of 4th and King Streets, passengers aboard the N train with no ticket to ride were about to get caught. As the doomed passengers recognized this, some attempted to look innocent and formulate explanations. Others were less strategic.

"Faggot-ass mother fucker," one ticketless passenger said as he disembarked into a wall of four fare inspectors and four cops. 

The team was carrying out what the MTA affectionately refers to as "proof of payment saturation," a city-wide crack down that started about a month ago and has tended to ensnare about 100 people each day.

"This new saturation approach has proved an effective way to stop fare evasion," said Municipal Transportation Authority spokesman Judson True, who offered to provide stats tomorrow.

True didn't say whether the revenue from the $75 tickets would be enough to pay for the operation's labor costs, but apparently that's not the point. "The goal is simply to get people to pay their fares," he said. "It's only fair to everybody."

Those receiving tickets didn't always see it that way. "I can't afford it, brother," one guy explained to a fare inspector. "What part of that don't you understand?"

"How am I supposed to know all this?" said another guy, who was apparently confused about when and where he was supposed to pay. "A $75 ticket -- are you fucking kidding me?"

A young woman in a hoodie waiting for a train just smiled. "This is very nice," she said. "I'm tired of all these people getting away with it."

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