Burning Man Missed Connections: Even Better Than the Real Thing

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Burning man is over. But some people just can't let go. Enter Craigslist Missed Connections, where Burners who bumped up against each other during a fleeting moment on the Playa reach out to one another.

This girl, in a Yellow Hat, is seeking a man in a Black Hat:

I met you at the Hug Deli on Friday about noon and you gave me the best bear hug of my life, stole a kiss, and lingered a little. Then I walked away, and I'm kicking myself for ever doing so, because I never found you again.
We do not know what a "hug deli" is, but we're guessing it's like a regular deli, but worse, because instead of getting delicious sandwiches, you get a hug from a man in a furry diaper.

Another man seeks his "soulmate":

I was a little out of it (typical for Playa) but you were so nice! We talked about Shantaram and Goa and I wanted to talk more but had to rush off to spin fire in front of the man. I would love to see you again and promise not to be so flakey this time!!
Raise your hand if you think that it is within this person's capacity to not be flakey.

To a person unfamiliar with Burning Man, the kinds of missives produced by participants sound like free verse prose that would make William S. Burroughs weep with jealously:

Hello darling! It's meeeeee, Reba! We met on the Lady Sassafras and you shared some sugar with me! We were freezing and decided to dance around burn barrels in the middle of the playa. I talked about Tremors and you talked with our hosts.

 Wait? Tremors? As in Kevin Bacon-Fred Ward-Big Worms Tremors? Okay, that sounds awesome.

This person seems to be getting mixed signals from their Missed Connection:

Hey topless girl with the pretty smile who says she always clears the dance floor. I met you at Burning Man on Friday. We ate dinner at my friends place, then walked back to my camp. You didn't approve of my touching your back.

Could this be the same topless woman as this Gertrude Stein-worthy snippet from a posting titled "Trampoline Love?"

trampoline burning man skirt leopard print alaska hiking boots topless beauty wooden necklace you made circus backflips lighter cover tie
We may never know, as it is incredibly difficult to tell one topless girl in a leopard print skirt, Alaskan hiking boots and a wooden necklace apart from the others.
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