Bad Combination: Sex Offender Sitting Outside Toy Store, Aggressively Begging

Categories: Crime
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There are some combinations that can only lead to trouble. Tequila and firearms. Tequila and cutlery. Tequila and white carpeting. The list goes on. Some don't even involve tequila. Some involve sex offenders.

San Francisco police recently ran into a man sporting a troublesome combination of his own: A homeless vagrant near Fisherman's Wharf turned out to be an (A) unregistered sex offender who was; (B) sitting outside a toy store -- shudder -- and; (C) aggressively panhandling.

Officers from Central Station quickly did the math: Unregistered sex offender + lurking near a toy store + berating the general public = arrest.

The man was booked for the sex offender part of this equation.
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