Yesterday's News Tomorrow! SFPD Release Tally For DUI Checkpoint -- Eventually.

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The Colonel's chain of eateries remind us of ... DUI checkpoints
I got it from Agnes. She got it from Jim; we all agree it must have been him. ... Now she got it from Harry, who got it from Marie. And everybody knows that Marie got it from me. -- Tom Lehrer

Thanks to the official tally of last Saturday's DUI checkpoint haul being passed to a succession of San Francisco Police Department officials reminiscent of the above ditty before it was put in the hands of Sgt. Lyn Tomioka -- who, as always, got it to us fast -- we didn't receive the numbers until a full week after this operation was in the books. Yes, semaphore would have been quicker, and this strained the definition of the term "news."

And yet, we found it interesting that the Aug. 22 DUI checkpoint at Lombard and Divisadero did not smoke out a single drunk driver. But it turns out that DUI checkpoints are sort of like Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can find more things at KFC than fried chicken -- and come up with additional reasons to nab drivers at DUI checkpoints than inebriation.

The final tally for that checkpoint looked this way:

164 cars stopped and inspected
0 DUIs
8 drivers cited for mechanical violations
23 cars towed;
10 towed because the drivers had no licenses;
4 towed because the drivers had suspended licenses;
3 towed because the car's registration was six months or more out of date;
6 towed for miscellaneous reasons.

The SFPD had another DUI checkpoint in the city over the weekend. We'll get you the tally ... eventually.


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