While Signs Look Good for Current TV Journalists in North Korea, Current TV Continues to Give North Korea Treatment to Journalists Here

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Homeward bound? You won't learn about it on Current TV.
​Bill Clinton's surprise trip to Pyongyang could be a monumental achievement for all parties involved: San Francisco's Current TV could finally see the return of its two imprisoned journalists, Kim Jong-il could get that much-needed infusion of Courvoisier for his supplies, and our former president could finally be hailed as a hero for taking home a pair of young, married women.

All joking aside, it's a big deal and great sign for journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. You'd expect their colleagues at Mission Bay's Current TV to be cautiously optimistic, relieved, or displaying some other form of human emotion. Yet we were tossed out of the building by a desk attendant who looked like a smile would have caused her face to crack.

A security guard channeling John Candy in Vacation chimed in to order us out as well.

The notion of not wanting to queer any deals with the bizarre
kleptocracy that runs North Korea is obvious, but, ever since Lee and
Ling were abducted/arrested March, Current TV has come under scrutiny for circling the wagons and behaving with a level of secrecy unbecoming for an American media organization. As I write this, you can read of Clinton's visit to Pyongyang on every Web site in the realm -- but not on Current TV's. You can check out this Current TV story about an enraged wife who glued her husband's penis to his stomach in retaliation for his dalliances, however. This is not a veiled Clinton reference.

We don't ask for much. A nod, a shrug, a "We don't know any more than you do" would have been enough. You know -- human behavior.

We look forward to reading Current TV's exclusive interviews with Lee and Ling upon their release -- and soon.

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