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That's not drawn on
Vital Statistics: Jaye, 27, student

Spotted at: A BBQ

Tattoo(s): A 'stache on her finger for when she is feeling like having facial hair.

Why/When: So I went on my first "friend-date" with my friend Jill. And we met this girl at the Latin American Club who had all these little heart tattoos on her, like freckles. And we thought they were so cute. ... Anyway, the two of us really liked her and we bonded with her and it helped the two of us to bond in this weird way. And we decided that we should get those heart tattoos, too. Anyway, skip ahead, and it's the day after Christmas last year [2008]. We were sitting around my house watching rom-coms and she was knitting an entire scarf. And we said, let's go get those heart tattoos tomorrow. So we did. We just met up, went to Blackheart, found someone who had some free time and got them.

Anyway, I had kind of mentioned that I wanted this funny little mustache tattoo on my finger but I was embarrassed to bring it up because I thought it was too silly. But Jill said something about it and the tattoo artist remembered and as soon as he finished the hearts he said, 'Okay, so now we're doing the mustache, right?' And I just said fine. And he did it.

I like it because I'm not just the girl with the cute femmy tattoos. I have this one for a little balance.

Did it hurt: It hurt like a bitch. But it only took a second.

Etc: I get free touch ups. It's on my finger and you bend and use that skin so much that it just comes off. It falls off in chunks and leaves a scar behind. Also, you can give anything a mustache [demonstrates by giving her drink a 'stache.] Also, I'm a fan of this move [slings arm around reporter and gives reporter a mustache. Reporter is elated.] Oh, and also, don't you think it makes me look French? Je suis française!

Want some "ink" about your ink of a friend's tattoo? Remember to drop us a line here and make your pitch.

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