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Welcome to the second installment of Weekly Ink!

Vital Statistics
: Tonya, 28, studio manager

Spotted at: A dinner party

Drawing by Yoshitomo Nara

Why/When: I got it about four years ago. I just always wanted a tattoo on my arm and really like the artist's work.

Any Regrets: Nope!

What did the parents think?:  After two piercings and two other tattoos, they're pretty nonchalant about what I do to my body.  I Believe they said, "Oh, that's new."

Funniest/Strangest Comment: At a bar in Edinburgh, Scotland, a really drunk, kinda scruffy boozer came up to me and said (in comical slurring voice), "Is your name Betty? Wanna know why I asked? 'Cause that looks like Betty Boop!"  Um, suuuuuure. Oh, and also the seven-year-olds I was working with continually poked my tattoo and asked if it was me. [AW: We sort of see the resemblance to Tonya. Not Betty Boop, though.]

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