Weekly Ink: What Flavor Is Your Tattoo? And Can We Get Extra Sprinkles?

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San Franciscans like to express themselves: Burning Man, anyone? It's no more unusual to spy a tattoo on a stroller-pushing mom than on a garbage can-perched ex-con. Does San Francisco have more tattoos than people? Quite possibly.

Every week we'll accost a (mostly) willing victim and grill them about their choices. (Why the unicorn? What does it mean to you?) You could be next! (You really could -- volunteer yourself or your friends here).

Name: Jake Godby, proprietor of Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream

Spotted at: His place of business

Tattoo: Ice cream cones

Why/When: I got the tattoos about two years ago. I wanted to open the ice cream shop and I figured that after getting them, there was no going back.

Any Regrets?: No. Never.

Funniest/Strangest Comment: Once, a homeless guy tried to lick them. Does that count? (SF Weekly: Yes, yes it does.)

ETC: Sometimes people ask if the cones have flavors. They don't. We just made them up as we went along.

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