'The Stinkin' Giants, Give 'Em The Big Blue Finger.' Boy Am I Glad I Went to the Library Today!

Say what?
Remember, in England, Benedict Arnold is a hero. That helps put one in mind for the just-unveiled exhibition at the Burbank Central Library -- enemy territory, sports-wise -- "Love to Hate: The Dodgers-Giants Rivalry."

Library-goers can be treated to memorabilia like the signs illustrating this story: One reads "The stinkin' Giants -- Give Em The Big Blue Finger -- Put Em in the Fog" (no clue) and the other says "Baghdad By the Bay ... In the Past They Stole Our Signs -- Back to Alcatraz." Is this supposed to hurt Giants fans' feelings? Can we be sure the Los Angeles equivalent of Frank Chu didn't craft these signs?   

The exhibition certainly gets one thing right, regardless of whether you bleed Giants' orange or Dodger blue: It quotes deceased author and paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould -- listed here as a lifelong Giants fan, but, alas, he was a sports bigamist whose real allegiance was with the Yankees.

Either way, the good doctor peered directly into the hearts of millions of Giants and Dodgers fans with this one: "I hated the Dodgers with that love that only hatred can understand."

Magnificent. Today we will call the San Francisco Public Library and see if they can call next on this exhibit. And if they say no, we'll give 'em the big blue finger. 

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