Team That Shall Not Be Named to Be Named: S.F.-Based United Football League to Reveal Squad's Moniker Tuesday

What's in a name? Find out Tuesday.
What's odder than a four-team, seven-city football league? How about a four-team, seven-city football league with the San Francisco team owned by the husband of the most powerful woman in the nation and no team names?

We've written a bit about the intriguing United Football League, which polled fans to come up with names for its four franchises (yet, as late as April, was seriously considering having no names whatsoever for its teams).

That would have been an odd decision -- but, then, launching a professional sports league in this economy is unconventional, too. Since a fledgling professional sports league graced by nameless squads and unveiled during a recession would have just been too damn much, the UFL moments ago announced that it will be revealing its franchises' names on Tuesday; in San Francisco media types are invited to a big press conference at AT&T Park (yes, we're going; and, yes, the team's owner is Paul Pelosi).
League consultant Rachel Gary told SF Weekly that, yes, we'll be seeing the San Francisco team's logo and uniforms. We won't be learning the other teams' names, though -- the UFL is milking this one. Las Vegas is revealing its name on Monday, San Francisco Tuesday, Orlando on Wednesday, and New York on Thursday.

There also won't be any players there to model the uniforms. Damn! I'd been hoping to meet Obafemi Ayanbadejo!

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