Local Blogger Prompts Two More Advertisers to Abandon Conservative Talk Radio Station

The pen is truly mightier than shitty talk radio

Internet gadfly Spocko, who made quite a stir two years ago with his campaign urging big companies to stop advertising with San Francisco conservative radio station KSFO, is apparently still on the ramparts. On Tuesday, the pseudonymous Spocko announced on his blog that he has convinced two more advertisers to ditch KSFO with his allegations that the station peddles right-wing hate speech -- Lifetime TV and Beach Blanket Babylon.

According to Spocko, the companies' decisions not to advertise with KSFO were prompted by letters he sent out in July detailing radio host Brian Sussman's inflammatory comments about gay people. The letter to Beach Blanket Babylon detailed Sussman's remarks, including this statement to a gay caller: "You lose the argument and you're going to lose at life my friend with that kind of an attitude because your particular kind can't reproduce! Get him off the line."

Spocko reproduces this quotation from Beach Blanket Babylon producer Jo Schuman Silver on his blog: "Beach Blanket Babylon will never advertise on any station, like KSFO, that attacks the LGBT community (or any community for that matter) and actively works to deny anyone equal rights."

Pretty vanilla statement of political correctness. The fact remains that Spocko is a force to be reckoned with. Two years ago, he prompted Bank of America and MasterCard to stop advertising with KSFO because of right-wing statements made on the station. And while Spocko's exploits make for a great story, we can't help feel that there's something a little off about such a concerted campaign against political punditry of any flavor -- this certainly is not the kind of guy you'd want running the FCC.

At any rate, Lifetime TV probably made a wise business decision in dropping its advertising on KSFO. After all, the company's commercials were for its hit reality fashion show, Project Runway. We're guessing that those who pay attention to Sussman's anti-gay ravings aren't exactly the target audience.

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