S.F. Bay Guardian Tells Those Conservative Suburban Twits How To Vote

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Well, Edna, if the Guardian says they're for Garamendi, I reckon we should be, too
​The Bay Guardian loves to complain about a certain Chronicle columnist from Walnut Creek criticizing San Francisco policies. The Guardian essentially contends that suburbanites cannot be expected to understand the complexities of life in a teeming urban metropolis. Don't you get it, Suburb Boy? Being mugged by a homeless crackhead in the Tenderloin or shot by an East Bay club-goer in North Beach is what makes this a world-class city!

So it's amusing to see the Guardian vainly inserting itself into suburban politics by endorsing John Garamendi in the 10th Congressional District special election. (The Chronicle, that bastion of radical progressive politics, also endorsed Garamendi today.) The 10th district includes Walnut Creek and other Contra Costa County suburbs.

Apparently it's okay for San Francisco to tell Walnut Creek what to do, but it's not okay for Walnut Creek to tell San Francisco what to do.

This isn't anything new for the Guardian; the paper has been butting into East Bay politics for decades even though its editors often have no clue about bridge-and-tunnel life. Three years ago, for instance, the Guardian recommended that Andy Katz be re-elected to the EBMUD board and that Courtney Ruby replace Roland Smith as "county auditor." The problems with those endorsements: Katz had never been on the EBMUD board so he couldn't be re-elected and Ruby was running to be Oakland's city auditor.

What's now new is the advanced level of hypocrisy. The Guardian has been ranting ad nauseam lately about the illegitimacy of out-of-towners' opinions about the city. So how is the Guardian weighing in on a suburban race any different? Yeah, we're sure the "suburban twits" were waiting for the editors of San Francisco's radical alt-weekly to tell them how to vote. Actually, one household of suburban twits may truly appreciate the Guardian's guidance. The 10th Congressional District includes Fairfield, the new home of Chris Daly's family.

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