Seller Beware: Tuxedo-Clad 20-Year-Old Tries on $50K Watch in Union Square Jewelry Store, Leaves Without Paying

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Some aren't so sneaky
This ain't no Thomas Crown Affair.

Still, we can't help marveling at the pure simplicity (and sartorial panache) of a man accused of attempting a jewelry heist at a store on the corner of Grant and Geary last week -- and the fact that it apparently almost worked.

According to San Francisco Police Captain James Dudley, an unidentified 20-year-old man in a black tuxedo stepped into the jewelry shop last Tuesday afternoon. He asked to try on a watch worth $50,000 and, after placing it on his wrist, booked it out of the store.

Cue the jazzy chase music.

But if this guy was auditioning to be Danny Ocean's 14th co-conspirator, he apparently fell short. After being pursued through the Union Square Garage and Macy's by security guards, a store clerk, and an SFPD officer, the robbery suspect was caught with the watch still on his wrist. Chalk this one in the loss column for debonair thievery.

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