Seen In San Francisco: Sweet, Sweet Black Mustang Next In Line for Tow Truck

Categories: SF Oddities
Joe Eskenazi
The tow truck had just finished hauling a jeep in forward and reverse through a maze of traffic cones, Muni personnel, Public Works guys, and bulldozers in an exercise reminiscent of the Olympic figure skating compulsories when I noticed the next car in line.

It was this stunning black Ford Mustang; I know this is two Steve McQueen references in a week, but this vehicle really did look as if my grandmother's favorite actor ("Steve McKveen -- now dats a real man.") should have loped up and waived off the tow. 

The Public Works fellas fixing a cracked Muni track at Duboce and Sanchez weren't impressed by the vintage set of wheels, however.

"We don't put up these signs for nothing," said one, nodding at the prominent "NO PARKING" placard.

True enough. And this is a car that even looks good while it's getting towed away.
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