Seen In San Francisco: Clumsy Muni Patron Doesn't Stick Around to Cry Over Spilled Wine

Categories: SF Oddities
Joe Eskenazi

Perhaps we have to thank the klutz responsible for the above scene at Church Street Station. After all, if he'd pulled his drop-the-merlot act on board an actual train it would have been that much worse -- but not just for the obvious reasons.

Suppose a tourist had someone splatter mid-range red wine on his or her "Alcatraz Psycho Ward" T-shirt. Then this person would go home and talk (or worse, blog) about how, only in San Francisco, would someone have to worry about having vin rouge hurled one's way on public transportation. The only thing worse would be a Grey Poupon-related incident.

So, really, we are lucky. On Muni, when one has to ask "What have I just sat in?" it can always get worse. Always.  


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