Police: Weekend's Flaming Car Had Nothing to Do With Other Flaming Cars

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Wait! This time there was a logical reason for a car to be found on fire.
San Francisco cops arriving at the scene of a blazing automobile must now ask themselves a modified version of the most famous of Passover queries: "How is this burning vehicle different from all other burning vehicles?"

Over the weekend, police discovered an incinerated car on the 800 block of Grove Street in the wee hours of the morning. When we called to query if this was related to last month's spree of 13 or 14 torched automobiles, the police were very quick to tell us no.

To answer the above question, this car arson was unlike the other car arsons in that the 1991 Honda was reported stolen out of the Tenderloin several hours before it was burned (so someone may have had a "good" reason to burn the car other than simple pyromania). Also, according to police spokeswoman Sergeant Lyn Tomioka, the "accelelerant was inconsistent" with those used during the spree.

This means that the San Francisco Police Department's veiled allegations that a 62-year-old homeless woman managed to zip about town and burn more than a dozen cars can continue; two car fires following Fafa Chan's July 30 arrest and prior to the weekend's blaze were also discounted as being related to the previous spree.

A number of media outlets reported earlier this month that the police were happy to note that, hey, since Chan was arrested for an unrelated arson case, the spree of blazing cars had abruptly ceased. These news articles promptly led to another burning car. If nothing else, it was reassuring for members of the print media that people, even possible copycat arsonists, are still reading.

Still, as SF Weekly noted before, the logistics of a troubled 62-year-old homeless woman being able to set each of the fires in the July spree without the aid of a car, serious biking skills, or super powers seems to be far-fetched

And while it doesn't sound as impressive, the police can still claim that no car fires have been lit since Chan's incarceration other than those three that she didn't light but they don't think had anything to do with the fires they're not ready to say she lit.
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