One Day After Media Reports Car Arsons Have Abated Since Arrest of Homeless Woman ... They're Back Again!

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On the heels of both the Chronicle and KRON-TV noting that the July string of 13 car arsons abruptly ceased with the arrest of a homeless woman in her 60s named Fafa Chan -- that's no longer the case. Firefighters doused a flaming Honda not long after 3 a.m. this morning at 21st and Balboa, not far from most of the other cars immolated during last month's spree.

The big question is -- was the "real" arsonist waiting for a chance to tweak the authorities? Or was the much repeated media statement that the abatement of the fires was the only reason the cops have to link Chan to the blazes an inducement for someone to run out and burn a car?

We noted earlier today that, logisitically, it seems to be a stretch to pin all of the fires on an aging homeless woman. Unless Chan had a car (or a ride), was a deceptively speedy bike rider, or is the world's fastest 60ish homeless woman, it'd be damn near impossible to zip around town at the speeds the auto arsonist apparently did.

This morning's blaze wasn't the only good news for Chan, by the way. KTVU-TV, reporting on the incident, listed her as "16 years old." That's got to be nice.

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