Oh, It's On: Minnesota Mayor Makes Football-Related Slam on S.F., Oakland Colleagues -- Right On This Site

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Minny Mayor R.T. Rybak wants you to know that he feels he's juked Gavin Newsom and Ron Dellums on the fantasy football field
Update, 8:59 a.m.: Mayor R.T. Rybak's spokesman, Jeremy Hanson, confirms this is authentic "trash-talking of his political colleagues" from Minneapolis' mayor.

There's shit, there's shit-talking, and there's political shit-talking -- and the latter has been tossed at both Mayors Gavin Newsom and Ron Dellums by a colleague via this very Web site.

As we've written a bit about, both local mayors are now involved in a fantasy football endeavor with the winner earning a prize for an area charity. The competitive blood lust has apparently struck a chord with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak (or someone claiming to be him), who e-dissed both Newsom and Dellums in a comment on our site here. Both San Francisco and Oakland's mayors were hot-shot ballplayers in their youths, so they've certainly heard their share of locker-room talk. We'll venture, however, this is the first time it's come from a mayor and been delivered via an SF Weekly article in which Newsom and Dellums were depicted as football players with encephalitic heads.

"Gavin and Ron may be great mayors but on the Fantasy Football field, they are no match for Results Minneapolis," reads the throwdown ostensibly penned by Rybak (the e-mail and Web site both trace back to Rybak's campaign page and the IP address hails from Minneapolis. We've written to Rybak and left messages for his spokesman, Jeremy Hanson, to ascertain if this is really him. Either way, it certainly sounds like him.).

Interestingly, Rybak left that comment here -- but not on any other Web page we can find including the Yahoo Mayoral Fantasy Football Face-off. Hmmm. Please feel free to weigh in here at SF Weekly on any other important matters, Mr. Mayor.

Of course, the big question is, does Rybak outstrip our local mayors on the fantasy football field as he so claims? You can check out his roster here for yourself; he was wise enough to avoid hometown QB Brett Favre like the plague.

My initial take is that Rybak is exactly right -- his team looks way better than either local mayor's. But the season is long and circuitous, so it may be a while before Rybak can place their scalps amidst his "proven record of reform and results."  

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