Obama/Joker Poster Hits S.F.

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We like to think we live in a liberal oasis in San Francisco, and that's because we do. But we have our right-wing conspiracy nuts just like any other town. A quick perusal of the comments on the Chron Web site is proof enough of that. Thus, while it took longer for the anti-Obama propaganda poster du jour to hit our city, it has finally arrived. The Obama/Joker poster is a creepy mash-up of the president's face with that of the Heath Ledger Joker character from the The Dark Knight. It started cropping up in Los Angeles as early as late April, according the this account from Bedlam Magazine, which traced the original image back to a Chicago engineering student who didn't intend for it to be used as a protest poster.

Whoever hijacked the student's work hasn't taken credit. It would be tempting to dismiss the poster as yet another over-the-top publicity stunt particular to groups who like to decorate their hats with tea bags and think health care reform is tantamount to a police state, except when things like this happen.

A tipster sent us this shot of a ruined poster (there are actually two, side by side) that (s)he spotted intact on Howard and Second Street on Tuesday. On Wednesday, someone had already tried to rip it down. The poster can be modified to have different slogans along the bottom of it, and 9-11 truther and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones offers versions of it on his Web site, www.inforwars.com. That's the Web address which appeared at the bottom of this poster. (Visitors to the site are also confronted with an animated  banner that reads "ammunition supplies are low" and "food is next," illustrated with a picture of a woman staring balefully at empty supermarket shelves.) Jones is also responsible for the Obama Deception DVD that was distributed to cars in the Mission last month. Clearly, Jones has a fan in San Francisco, although it seems unlikely he'll reach his target audience here.

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